Before Song Yiran set off, the big brother told him that the company's development in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou was a big move. The cooperation between Baolijia and Suning this time was a key step in this move. Grow up as soon as possible, when you get there, don't mess with flowers, treat Chu Ting well, and don't let yourself down.

Because her uncle was in Shanghai, Lin Kesong's parents quickly agreed to her development in Shanghai. In fact, it was the first time that Lin Kesong had traveled to such an unfamiliar place. She felt that Song Yiran made herself so brave.

Uncle Ke Song opened a small restaurant in Shanghai. His daughter, Lin Xiaoyu, is the chef. When he picked Ke Song home, it was meal time. Seeing Xiao Yu busy in the kitchen, Ke Song quickly hid in her room. She arranged for her uncle very satisfied with the accommodation. At that time, she didn't know that under the arrangement of fate, she would be farther and farther away from Song Yiran, and closer and closer to Jiang Qianfan.

Junbin told Jiang Qianfan that his condition was the same as the one he was diagnosed six months ago. There is no effective treatment, and he can only rely on drugs to maintain it, but his disease will not be life-threatening. Jiang Qianfan smiled bitterly at him. Saying that losing his sense of taste is more cruel than taking his life, Junbin is worried that Qianfan lost his ability to perceive sweetness for 183 days, and the time to lose other perceptions may be shorter after that, and his five senses have atrophied and degenerated. Jiang Qianfan, whose fever did not subside, stayed in the hospital for observation, but Qianfan thought it was a waste of time to continue treatment without finding a reason.

Jiang Qianfan went to Shanghai Yuxuan Restaurant to continue working immediately after he came out of the hospital. He was very annoyed at the irregular operation of individual chefs when he was in the back kitchen. At this time, an uninvited guest, Boris, came to the restaurant. He was on the gourmet blacklist. The waiter recommended wild Matsutake Melaleuca to Boris, and Boris appointed Jiang Qianfan to cook the dish himself. After seeing it in the front hall, Elise criticized why the waiter did not stop it. The waiter explained that Boris had reserved a table under someone else's name. At this time, he had already started the live broadcast while waiting for the meal.

After serving, Boris found that there was no bamboo salt and coriander oil, and immediately shouted in the live broadcast. At this time, Jiang Qianfan slowly delivered the ingredients. Boris said critically that even so, this dish was ordinary. . The waiter introduced the matsutake dipping sauce in the bamboo tube, and when Boris opened it, he found that it was mustard mayonnaise. After tasting it, he said in the live broadcast that he always seeks truth from facts, but after eating this dish, he suddenly felt that Montgomery was back, and when he thought about it, he hated Jiang even more. Qianfan, but the reason will not be told to fans, and then it was hurriedly dropped.

When Lin Kesong and Xiaoyu were having dinner, they saw the announcement on TV that the audition for the future star of Muellers in Shanghai was about to start. Xiaoyu excitedly said that the future star was the top event in the catering industry, and Jiang Qianfan became famous here. This competition is held every two years. She was not selected in the primary election the previous year, so she must participate this time.

Jiang Qianfan chased outside the restaurant and asked Boris to make a reservation under his own name next time, and he promised to let him in. Boris said that he will be in Shanghai for the past three months. It is not that he is going to trouble Jiang Qianfan, but that his apprentice is going to trouble his apprentice, because the future star invited himself and Jiang Qianfan at the same time. Jiang Qianfan reminded Boris that he was allergic to pine nut oil and had to take some medicine quickly, because the mustard mayonnaise he just ate contained pine nut oil.

Jiang Qianfan questioned Elise about the Future Star Competition. Elise explained that Thomas had sent an invitation and asked him to be a mentor, but considering that Qianfan lost his sense of taste, he didn’t tell him. Jiang Qianfan decided to go, and Elise reminded him Boris is a bad visitor, and he will not give up unless he achieves his goal. Jiang Qianfan believes that Boris will always lose to himself.

Li Yan called and told Jiang Qianfan that Liangshe Hotel refused to provide information on employees and Song Yiran. He learned through the dormitory administrator that Lin Kesong had moved out and registered for marriage. Jiang Qianfan felt that the administrator must have made a mistake.

Song Yiran sent a message to Lin Kesong that she was hungry, but Kesong felt that this was the best time to tell him that she came to Shanghai. Only in adversity can you see the truth. She bribed Xiaoyu with a bottle of shampoo and begged her to make a love lunch to give it to her. Song Yiran. Unexpectedly, when the two arrived, they found that Song Yiran was surrounded by a group of friends. He was on a video call with Chu Ting. It turned out that Chu Ting had ordered a sumptuous dinner for Song Yiran and delivered it to the room before she arrived in Shanghai.

On the way home, Lin Kesong burst into tears. She felt that Song Yiran was a prince, and she was not even a Cinderella. Chu Ting could do things easily, but she couldn't do it well no matter how hard she tried. So she decided to pursue Song Yiran harder in the future.

Elise couldn't find Jiang Qianfan everywhere, she called and found out that he was on the way to Wuzhen. After hanging up, Jiang Yifan's car was rear-ended.

Lin Kesong originally accompanied Lin Xiaoyu to the Future Star to sign up. Later, because she did not sign up, she was not allowed to enter the scene to take pictures. Lin Kesong also signed up in desperation. After she went in, she saw Jiang Qianfan among her mentors. She wanted to retreat, but Xiaoyu told her that Jiang Qianfan would not come in the primary election. When filling out the application form, Blue, an Italian who studied ink painting, deliberately asked Xiaoyu to make a speech, but Xiaoyu rudely sent him away.

Elise called to say that Mrs. Quentin wanted to see Jiang Qianfan and picked him up halfway. Li Yan called and said that after finding Lin Kesong's house, he heard from the neighbors that their family had gone out of town to hold a wedding at the man's house. Jiang Qianfan firmly believed that Kesong would be found sooner or later. Elise reminded others that their family was married. Explaining that he also has to work after marriage, Elise emphasized that he should take into account the feelings of other people's husbands. Jiang Qianfan said that he had time to think about these things.

The preliminary selection of the Future Star Cooking Competition has begun. There are 198 contestants in the Shanghai division. The competition time is one hour. Lin Kesong barely made a scrambled egg with tomatoes. The primary selection judges tasted Quan praised Xiaoyu's dishes for being very good, and he vomited in pain after tasting the dishes from Croissant.


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