Seeing the food that Victor made, the apprentices couldn't wait to eat it, but in Sister K's mind, the scene of her teacher threatening her to call her parents when she was a child, she irritably returned the car keys to Victor to let him Immediately leave, Victor is angry that no one can refuse the food she cooks, why does Sister K not eat it at all? Sister K explains that she has never liked to eat since she was a child, and Victor stopped mentioning the car, and firmly believes that she will definitely meet Sister K next time. There is no reason to reject him.

At the pre-class meeting, Jiang Qianfan asked Xiaopa to give advice on management optimization and praised him as the backbone of Yuxuan. Damai and everyone are. They are all vital and irreplaceable members of Yuxuan. Since Damai is the first When he realizes this, it means he is ready to take on the heavy responsibility. After the store gets three Michelin stars, he and Elise are about to devote themselves to the preparations for the third branch. At that time, Damai will take on the responsibility With the heavy responsibility of being a chef, Damai was so excited that his eyes burst into tears, and he applauded and cheered with everyone.

Song Yiran went to the house to find Ke Song to go back to Wuzhen with him tomorrow, but Ke Song asked him to tell his parents that he would not go back. She asked about Song Yiran's proposal to Chu Ting, and she was a little sad to learn that they had broken up. Song Yiran asked Ke Song to go out to dinner, but Ke Song declined to race against time to practice in the kitchen. Song Yiran knew that Ke Song had let go of his feelings for him, and frankly admitted that the past self was not worthy of the current Ke Song's liking. He felt that Ke Song had become more beautiful, and the way he was concentrating in the kitchen was very charming, so he decided to improve himself to see if he could Let the current Croissant fall in love with him again. After Song Yiran left, Ke Song did not expect that one day their relationship would come to this point, she let go of Song Yiran, but he picked it up himself.

Boris entrusted the editor of the public account, Lao Bai, to ask Damai to come out to meet. He was willing to pay a high price to buy evidence that Jiang Qianfan lost his sense of taste. Damai did not want to be a traitor. Boris pointed out that he asked Lao Bai to write articles for him because he was insecure and afraid of being punished by Jiang. Qianfan crowded out. Damai refuted that Jiang Qianfan was the executive chef of Yuxuan after he opened the new store. Boris laughed at him for being naive and said that Jiang Qianfan would transfer someone from London. Even if Jiang Qianfan doesn't need him, he can help Damai jump to a better restaurant with his connections. Damai felt that Jiang Qianfan's sense of taste was fine, and Boris reminded him to think about the cold shrimp in Wagyu Theo.

Jiang Qianfan sent Elise home. When she got to the door, she offered to let Jiang Qianfan take herself in. Jiang Qianfan was about to carry her, but Elise changed her mind and said that his attitude was enough, but nothing could go back. Back home, Elise sent Xie Junbin a message.

In the car the next day, Jiang Qianfan asked Lin Kesong to open the gift she had given her, but when Kesong opened it, it turned out to be a keyboard, cell phone and card that could not access the Internet. Jiang Qianfan told her that Internet access would not help her cooking, and she could only do it in the future. Contacting himself and his parents, Croissant laughed, this is too mentally retarded.

Jiang Qianfan took Lin Kesong to the beach. Captain Ao praised her for the good sashimi cut this time. Afterwards, the two went to the vegetable base. Jiang Qianfan felt that he would never know what Kesong said would make him half-dead. , which sentence made him laugh alive again, he knew that his stubbornness was a kind of pressure on others, but after a long time, he would get used to Crouching's arrogance. Ke Song also felt that she always wanted to cater to Song Yiran before, and had never been her true self. Now that she puts down Song Yiran, she is not sad but relieved. Maybe she didn't like him as much as she imagined. Ke Song humbly asked Jiang Qianfan if he was bad? Jiang Qianfan suddenly hugged her, and the two made trouble.

Bruce came to Boris and asked him if he wanted Xiaoyu to be the first. If he quit, he would have one less competitor and stop forcing Xiaoyu. Boris said that he did not treat him as a rival. Bruce was not angry, he I sympathize with Boris for being a man who has no friends in his heart. He always laments why there is Jiang Qianfan in the world, but it is a pity that he is not him. Bruce's words hit Boris's sore spot, and he slammed away Bruce in a fit of rage.

Bruce was worried that Boris would destroy Xiaoyu, Huang Shi told him that Xiaoyu would know his mistake only if he fell and followed, and that he could not learn to walk if he was reluctant to fall somersaults. , I just hope she gets better.

Victor brought the food he made again, and threatened that Sister K would never pick up any faults, but Sister K still didn't eat a bite, and let him take the car and leave. Victor jumped up and down in a hurry. Sister K admired his persistence and persistence in cooking, and admitted that he had the ability and talent, but thought that spending too much time on delicious food was lazy and lazy. The two were at a stalemate. After the apprentices came Knocked out Victor.

Li Yan received a call and heard that his mother was hot. He was so anxious that he cried and begged the other party to help him take care of his mother.

Croissant received a special product sent by his mother from Wuzhen. Dad made a special call to ask Jiang Qianfan to comment on how the braised mushrooms he made. Jiang Qianfan praised the taste as excellent. Dad let him have time to taste it and make it for Croissant. Jiang Qianfan Suddenly his face changed and he went out alone, Ke Song knew and didn't know which sentence poked his sore spot, and sighed that it was impossible to prevent.

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