Before the semi-final group draw, Thomas asked a question: He saw Lin Kesong and Jiang Qianfan arriving half an hour early in the monitoring room in the lounge, why was she late for the game? Seeing Kesong's silence, he asked Lin Xiaoyu: She and Lin Kesong got into Boris's car together, but 12 minutes later, Lin Xiaoyu came back alone on a bicycle, please explain where she went during this time? Boris protested that it was private time, and Xiao Yu could not answer. Thomas turned to Jiang Qianfan, who chose to remain silent like Croissant. Thomas warned them: He served as the chairman of ten future stars, and any contestant who had the wrong mind would lose badly without exception. After the semi-final group draw, Lin Kesong and Xiaoyu both drew to the first group.

Lin Xiaoyu complained that Thomas was clearly targeting him, but Boris didn't explain it to her. Boris was angry that Xiaoyu's ranking was too stupid after Ke Song, and Xiao Yu was angry and obeyed him all the time. As a result, this incident not only did not affect Ke Song at all, but instead Affecting herself, her poor grades are all because of Boris, and she will never listen to him again. Boris scolded Xiaoyu for being a waste and misread her, and Xiaoyu retorted that she also misjudged him, and left angrily.

Croissant was angry that Xiao Yu had done this too much, Jiang Qianfan comforted her, what Boris had done to him before was even more than this, but he had forgotten.

Xie Junbin found a good bank, prepared a loan of 2 million, agreed to raise the loan interest rate by 15%, and signed the contract tomorrow. Mother came home and saw that Elise was on her feet, and asked Victor to buy medicine for her sister. She had already discovered the information that Xie Junbin was raising money, and guessed that Elise was for Li Yan, Elise had to tell her mother the truth, she had given Li Yan 830,000 before and after, and this time he asked for another 200 ten thousand. Mom knew that Elise was overwhelmed and was going to confess everything to Jiang Qianfan, reminding her that Jiang Qianfan was impulsive and desperate, and what she did was similar to killing Jiang Qianfan. She forced Elise to let Jiang Qianfan sign a contract because of Yu Xuan is like Jiang Qianfan's child. When necessary, she will use Jiang Qianfan's child for her own child. She taught Elise to let Li Yan find her directly. Junbin is really good to her.

Bruce was waiting at the door of the restaurant, and when he saw Xiaoyu coming over, he hurried to meet him, hoping that it wasn't her fault. Xiaoyu admitted that she did it. Blue was angry that Boris was a devil and hoped that Xiaoyu would stay away from him. Xiaoyu knew that everyone didn't like him, so he As if she didn't like Boris, she smiled bitterly, so that she had no way out. After Xiaoyu left Blue, she burst into tears on the street, and then wiped away her tears and continued to move forward stubbornly.

Lin Ke Song won the award, and the congratulatory phone calls from the classmates were all overwhelmed. Seeing her fluttering state, Jiang Qianfan did not allow her to enter the kitchen, reminding him that Ke Song was the weakest among the eight, and that he won the award entirely because of luck and his own help. , is not qualified to stand with other people at all. Ke Song was dissatisfied and felt that she had achieved results through her own efforts.

Dr. Zhou Dawen is the eighth future star, and he specially came to compete with Ke Song. It just so happened that Jiang Qianfan brought a dish and asked the two of them to use this as the title. Zhou Dawen said the name of the dish right away, and he was ashamed. After a while, Zhou Dawen finished the dishes. After tasting the dishes, Ke Song was surprised that he was better than himself. There was a deviation in the theme, and Zhou Dawen also realized that he was ranked lower because of his stubborn adherence to the concept of balanced nutrition, but he did not regret it. Knowing that Ke Song had only practiced for four or five hundred hours in the kitchen, he laughed and said that he had spent more than ten thousand hours in the kitchen. It is also far from enough.

Jiang Qianfan sent Zhou Dawen out and thanked him for being willing to help him. Zhou Dawen admitted that he had come to Jiang Qianfan to participate in the competition at the beginning. He didn’t expect that he had already chosen Ke Song. Jiang Qianfan laughed and said that even without Ke Song, he would not have chosen him. Because nutrition is his only one.

Jiang Qianfan came home and found that Lin Kesong was cutting her hair. She was determined to make herself ugly. After cutting it, she looked in the mirror and cried angrily. Jiang Qianfan said fondly that she was not ugly, the girl who drank toilet water back then. back again.

Jiang Qianfan learned that Elise was injured and came to pick her up to work. On the way, Elise mentioned that in the article, barley was the backbone of Yuxuan Restaurant. He was too swollen, and she couldn’t stand others stepping on Jiang Qianfan’s head. out.

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