Elise proposed to start over with Jiang Qianfan, but asked him to make an announcement. Jiang Qianfan did not agree with her taking this as a condition, but told her that she could bring her luggage at any time if she wanted to. Elise didn’t want to do this, she felt too tired .

After Lin Kesong calmed down, she realized that she was not afraid that she would not be able to explain to her parents when she went back, but was waiting for Jiang Qianfan to come and find her to go back. She was so ashamed that she couldn't let go of Jiang Qianfan now, just like she couldn't let go of Song Yiran back then.

Sister K saw the video of Victor participating in the cooking competition on the Internet, and immediately marked his motorcycle with a low-price sale.

Lin Kesong moved out of the hotel and returned to his uncle's restaurant. He saw Bruce waiting at the door with a frowning face. It turned out that Xiaoyu had not seen her, because Boris thought he had distracted Xiaoyu. Uncle saw Ke Song very distressed, Xiaoyu learned that Ke Song was no longer participating in the competition, and immediately hugged and reconciled with her excitedly.

After the eldest brother arrived at Chu Ting's store, she did everything possible to let her go out to see the billboard. Chu Ting bluntly said that the eldest brother was heartbroken because of his intentions, but he would never grow up like this. frustration. The eldest brother called and scolded Song Yiran. Song Yiran entered the store and confessed to Chu Ting that the eldest brother wanted him to propose to her through the billboard, but he felt that he was not ready to hurt Chu Ting. I won't be with Chu Ting, the answer is I don't know. Chu Ting was very angry, but she appreciated Song Yiran's honesty in facing her heart and not mixing other things in her feelings. She hoped that he would go back and figure out the answer and find her again, but she was not sure whether she would wait for him.

Song Yiran went to Jiang Qianfan's house to find Lin Kesong, and asked Jiang Qianfan if the old Lin had a crush on him for ten years. After knowing the answer, Song Yiran said frankly that only now did he know that Ke Song had a place in his heart, but he also liked Chu Ting, so he had to make it clear. Jiang Qianfan appreciated Song Yiran's ability to face his heart bravely and honestly, more than him. Much stronger.

Xiaoyu and Ke Song talked about the punishments their masters had imposed on them, and felt that they were so stupid that they fought with their sisters for them. At this time, Jiang Qianfan called and said that he bought two bottles of wine to apologize to Ke Song's parents. He is going out now, and the key is under the door. Uncle encouraged Croissant to go and get it now.

Victor felt that 1,000 yuan to repair the motorcycle was too expensive. Sister K pointed out that his car was defective in production and did not conform to the human body structure. She had adjusted everything so that the next owner could use it with ease. Victor disdain Sister K eats cereal every day, and misunderstood the food. The apprentices suggested that if Victor could make a delicious food that they were convinced, they would return the car to him. Victor reminded them not to regret it.

When Ke Song returned home, he found that Jiang Qianfan not only didn't leave, but also locked the exit. At this time, his mother called and said that he had received Mr. Jiang's wine, and asked his daughter to ask about the storage method of the wine and convey their thanks. After hanging up the phone, Croissant wanted to leave in a fit of anger. Jiang Qianfan held her to apologize sincerely and promised to respect her feelings and preferences in the future. If he made her angry again, he would apologize to her on Boris’s live broadcast. Croissant also asked him to do Jiang Qianfan agreed to all the crayfish he liked.

Knowing that Ke Song had returned to Jiang Qianfan, Xiao Yu ignored her again. Jiang Qianfan advised Ke Song not to waste time on this kind of thing, because Xiao Yu would make up with her only when she was a loser and weak, and it was time to adjust It's Xiao Yu. Ke Song felt the familiar person and smell of Jiang Qianfan again. She was afraid that she agreed too quickly but she couldn't wait. She felt that the right person was worth waiting for.

Boris was surprised to learn that Ke Song was called back by Jiang Qianfan. He judged from this that Jiang Qianfan had begun to loosen his restrictions on himself. In the past, he could become a god without using sugar. Ten times as powerful.

Jiang Qianfan found Thomas, who was running, and asked to withdraw his application for withdrawal. Thomas asked him to give reasons that convinced him. Jiang Qianfan explained: Four years ago, Montgomery was shipwrecked. He saw the last sentence he wrote on Montgomery's relics: "I hate sugar. He doesn't know what happened to Montgomery, only that sugar took him away." The life that Thomas corrected took away from Montgomery was not sugar but disaster. Jiang Qianfan told him that since his parents had a car accident beside him, Montgomery was a piece of driftwood he grabbed, but he also left. So there will be no sugar in his dishes. Thomas reminded Jiang Qianfan that as a mentor, it was unfair to Lin Kesong. The ultimate purpose of his competition was to make more young people like cooking and give them a chance to become talented. With Lin Kesong's current performance, it is very likely that she will enter the finals. What should Jiang Qianfan ask her to do at that time?

When Mrs. Quentin learned that Lin Kesong was back, she reminded Elise that she just put a little brown sugar in Jiang Qianfan's dessert. He almost overturned Yu Xuan's kitchen, but he was so forgiving to Lin Kesong. , which shows that Jiang Qianfan's bottom line is set for Elise and those who he doesn't love.

Huangshi called Mrs. Quentin to pick up the cheongsam. He closed the restaurant and set up a special VIP event for Mrs. Quentin. Mrs. Quentin couldn’t wait to try on the cheongsam. She liked it very much and asked Huangshi to help her wear the necklace. When Bruce came back, he covered his eyes in embarrassment. Mrs. Quentin said goodbye and left. Blue's joking master was very good.

Jiang Qianfan found that there was a problem with the mobile phone monitoring in Yuxuan, so he called Ke Song to go downstairs to cooperate with him to check the router. At this time, Li Yan sneaked into Jiang Qianfan's house to take a selfie and sent it to Elise, and sent a message to extort her for 2 million. After Ke Song went downstairs, he found Li Yan. Jiang Qianfan rushed back on a motorcycle, but he couldn't find it anywhere. Ke Song, when he was in a hurry, the frightened Ke Song ran out and hugged him tightly, Jiang Qianfan took her into his arms and comforted her softly.

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