In order to decompress Victor, Xie Junbin called him to a bar to drink and relax, but Victor didn’t like drinking and even joked that Xie Junbin was old-fashioned. , hurried on stage to sing to save him, Xie Junbin took a video and sent it to Elise, making her smile.

Sister K felt that every car had life, and regardless of the apprentices’ obstacles to repair the motorcycle, Victor walked out of the bar and sent a message to Sister K. Sister K was angry that he was a child spoiled by his parents, and asked the apprentice to They messaged back that the car was lost.

Boris waited for Xiaoyu in the restaurant for a long time before she came back, and he angrily told Xiaoyu: If her performance in the competition is poor tomorrow, purgatory will be waiting for her.

Croissant was worried that he couldn’t make Elise’s taste. Jiang Qianfan told her that Elise was red wine, had connotation and experience, and understood human affairs. She asked her to teach Croson to cook not to stimulate Croissant, but to guide her. She uses hair to make ingredients. He hoped that in Croissant's dishes, there was no shadow of anyone else but herself, just like that night when it rained. She went back to her room and lay on the bed, remembering that rainy night, and Ke Song was unforgettable. That day she lost Song Yiran, and when Song Yiran asked herself if she wanted to propose to Chu Ting, she no longer felt heartache.

After the board of directors, the eldest brother told Song Yiran that he would invite Chu Ting's father and all the board members to attend his adult birthday party, and asked Song Yiran to propose to Chu Ting at the birthday party. Song Yiran was worried that Chu Ting would refuse to embarrass him in public and only agreed to propose in private. , the big brother had to rely on him.

The third competition of Future Stars has begun. The title of this round of competition should not only fully explain the theme of fermentation, but also the contestants must have fruit in the ingredients. Just when Croissant despaired that she was about to fail again, she saw Hawthorn excitedly, so she decided to make the taste that made her tangled that night.

Boris saw that Croissant used sugar in the seasoning, and excitedly started a live broadcast to tell fans that Jiang Qianfan hated sugar very much. Not only did his restaurant have no desserts, but also sugar seasonings were not allowed. Now his apprentices use a lot of them. Tang, if Lin Kesong wins, what will Jiang Qianfan's face be? Holding his mobile phone, he provocatively asked Jiang Qianfan: How do you feel when the apprentice is openly resisting him? Jiang Qianfan replied that what he should pay attention to was his apprentice, she would lose miserably.

After the game, the host randomly interviewed the stories explained in the dishes of each contestant: Bruce made a bird's nest, and he hoped that person could put down the burden and get along with him. Croissant is made of hawthorn tree, and there is red wine in the shell of the hawthorn. She said that liking someone is like eating candied haws. It is sweet when you bite it, but it is bitter and astringent when you taste it, and the taste changes after a long time. It was different. The host praised her for incorporating the feeling of secret love into this dish.

The results of the third round of the competition were soon announced: the first place was Victor, the second place was Lin Kesong's secret love candied haws, and the third place was Lin Xiaoyu. Croissant's parents cried with joy after watching the live show, feeling that Croton was so pitiful.

Croissant ran out, Jiang Qianfan had already left, and Boris satirized that she stepped on the shoulder of the master and climbed up. He roared angrily at the defeated Lin Xiaoyu. Blue used to protect Xiaoyu, and the mad Boris turned to pull him. Seeing this, Huang Shi stepped forward to protect his apprentice, and Mrs. Quentin persuaded everyone to leave. Xiao Yu apologized to Boris, who ordered him to go to his jellyfish bar two hours later.

Song Yiran asked Lin Kesong in the car who the dish he had a crush on must have liked or whom he liked, but Kesong didn't want to talk deeply and continued to call Jiang Qianfan. When she got home, Jiang Qianfan informed her that her luggage had been prepared for her. Croissant explained that this dish would not taste good without sugar. She gave Jiang Qianfan the entry to make him happy, but he knocked him to the ground. Jiang Qianfan angrily accused Gen Kesong of not being worthy of staying by his side or staying in the kitchen. Kesong cried aggrieved and asked Jiang Qianfan, who knew the rules of the game, had he never used sweetness? Jiang Qianfan emphasized that there can be no sweetness where he is, this is his bottom line, and no one can touch it! Croissant smiled bitterly and said that Li Yan was gone, and Nina was gone, and now he has to drive himself away. In despair, she pulled up her luggage and left Jiang Qianfan's house.

Elise called and was overjoyed when she learned that Jiang Qianfan had driven Lin Kesong away, and told him that he would make an announcement in the name of Yu Xuan.

After Xiaoyu came to the jellyfish bar, the crazy Boris ordered her to scrape two boxes of fish scales within fifteen hours. If she couldn't finish, she would eat all the fish with their tails and bones tomorrow.

Song Yiran bought flowers and went to the store to apologize to Chu Ting. Chu Ting asked the clerk Chang Yuan to kick him out, locked the door and closed the store, and refused to accept the flowers.

The helpless Croissant pulled her luggage and had nowhere to go. She wanted to go home, but she didn't know how to explain it to her parents, so she planned to stay for another day and wait until the next game began to hide it.

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