At lunch, Jiang Qianfan did not allow Croissant to eat spicy food with high salt, high oil and high fat. Croissant held back his saliva and said that although he hated him, he didn’t want to lose in a vain way. Jiang Qianfan praised her for performing well today. , Croissant took the opportunity to beg for an ice cream, and Jiang Qianfan asked her to eat it after the competition.

The media interviewed Elise and asked her if the Quentin Group sponsored the competition. Elise told Thomas, the chairman of the competition committee, to reject all sponsorships. Another group of reporters chased Boris, and when he announced the shocking secret, Boris clamored for the video to be sold to whoever paid the highest price.

Boris shook off the reporter, asked Xiaoyu to open the live broadcast, and brought a glass of wine for Jiang Qianfan to taste. He pointed out that Jiang Qianfan had not eaten a sip of water or anything since he entered the venue. Is there a problem with his taste. Seeing this, Elise hurried over to try to stop it, but Boris told him not to always block her with a woman. Jiang Qianfan drank the wine and accurately stated the substance. Boris's conspiracy failed and left in a huff. . This farce was seen by Lin Kesong, who was on the side.

Elise chased up the stairs, and Jiang Qianfan told her that the last time Boris took the cake to test him, he thought there would be a trick. Fortunately, he asked Thomas for the menu and wine list in advance, according to Boris' temperament and the color of the wine. The seasoning was judged. Jiang Qianfan was keenly aware that someone was eavesdropping upstairs, but he ran up but saw no one.

Boris was sure that his judgment would not be wrong. Xiaoyu reminded him that what he said in the live broadcast last night might have prepared Jiang Qianfan. Boris decided to catch Jiang Qianfan by surprise next time.

Lin Kesong judged that Jiang Qianfan should have lost his sense of taste through Boris's test of Jiang Qianfan and the dialogue between Jiang Qianfan and Elise, which explains why he could not taste the salty taste of chrysanthemum fish, making crabs and oranges. Mistakes, and a recipe for taste scoring. On the way home, Lin Kesong really wanted to ask Jiang Qianfan directly, but he was afraid that he would get angry, so he could only bear it.

Boris deleted the video and was scolded by a bunch of people. He was angry that Jiang Qianfan had to be counted. At this time, the doorbell rang. He thought it was Jiang Qianfan who came to beg for mercy, but he didn't expect that it was the Criminal Police Team of the Municipal Bureau who came to investigate Li Yan's case. They found that Boris and Li Yan had phone records in the past three months. Boris explained that he wanted to invite Li Yan to come. He worked here, but was turned down by him. After the police left, he told Xiaoyu that he thought Li Yan was fired by Jiang Qianfan, but he did not expect him to commit a crime. He told Xiaoyu to remember to read the exam questions at zero.

The test question in the first game was wild, Elise guessed that Victor could make mustard greens, and Jiang Qianfan planned to make Guanyin dishes.

Early the next morning, Jiang Qianfan asked Lin Kesong to pack up and go to a place with water to find ingredients for wild vegetables. Kesong boiled a lot of tea eggs, saying that his mother prepared this for him when he was on a spring outing when he was a child. Jiang Qianfan was dumbfounded. The two came to a small river according to the map. Jiang Qianfan asked Ke Song to taste the taste of the river water to determine the trace elements. Ke Song guessed that there must be something wrong with his sense of taste. She tasted the mustard greens, and deliberately didn't say anything, waiting for Jiang Qianfan to give the answer after tasting it. The two met Elise and sister halfway and continued to walk.

Jiang Qianfan asked Lin Kesong to find Guanyin dishes that were a bit bitter, spicy and fruity, because she was inevitably nervous in her first competition. This kind of dish was the best for her because of its simplicity. Kesong was surprised that he could taste such a dish. Taste should be fine.

Elise lied that she had something to leave, and Victor knew that she wanted to go to Jiang Qianfan and the two, reminding her sister that it was not good, it was better to continue digging mustard with him and go back to make mustard soup for her, Elise had to give up after thinking about it . At this time, Bruce was leisurely fishing with Huang Lao by the river, looking for water hyacinth by the way.

Sister Elise showed her mother the mustard greens picked on the mountain. Mrs. Quentin told her son that these vegetables were planted by Elise and Jiang Qianfan with a drone. Victor was furious when she heard this. Liz coaxed him to say that these should be picked and grown by herself. There is also Guanyin dishes, which only the two of them know how to grow. Victor is sad for her sister, and now Ke Song also knows it, and her sister is in a trance because of this.

Jiang Qianfan took Ke Song to find Guanyin dishes, and Ke Song judged that his taste should be fine, she really wanted to announce it to the world. Jiang Qianfan told her that this kind of dish tastes the best when picked at three or four o'clock in the evening, so they are going to camp in the wild. Croissant is very happy, this is something she has always wanted to do but her mother forbids it.

Chef Damai brought the smell of fat beef sirloin and yellow flowers for Elise to taste. He felt that the fishy smell of lobster in this dish was not removed at all. He had discovered it long ago and let every chef taste it. Everyone agreed that lobster It really didn't go away. Later, he carefully observed every customer who came to the store to order this dish. When they took the first bite, they were very uncomfortable, so he specially reminded Elise. After tasting it, Elise remarked that it was very delicious, barley had nothing to say, and left the crayfish to continue working.

When Song Yiran accompanied Chu Ting to the flower shop, Chu Ting saw that his eyes stopped and she immediately understood. She entered the store and ordered ten flower baskets, and wrote to wish Lin Kesong a successful competition. She was willing to believe Song Yiran and asked him to be considerate of herself. I was moved that Chu Ting was the best woman I had ever seen.

When Xiaoyu learned that Blue was going to make water hyacinth, he was surprised that he might not even be able to win against his sister. Blue smiled and said it was okay, and asked Xiaoyu what he was doing, and Xiaoyu kept his mouth shut. He reminded Xiaoyu to choose an innovative and improved iron pot, which is evenly heated and not heavy. He made a bowl of hot noodle soup for Xiaoyu, and Xiaoyu was moved.

Ke Song asked Jiang Qianfan why he didn't make it into Yuxuan's dish since he likes bitter Guanyin dishes. Jiang Qianfan said with emotion that the bitterness of Guanyin dishes is no better than that of human beings, and there are some things that cannot be shared with others. The wound on his hand showed that he had suffered a lot. Jiang Qianfan told her that the scars on the chef's hands were all medals. So far; in order to test the temperature of the oil, the hands and nails have been burned and regrown. Ke Song was too frightened to be a successful person, Jiang Qianfan laughed and said that she had no choice.

After Yuxuan closed the shop at night, Elise saw the chefs gathered to discuss the crayfish, so she walked over and told them that Mr. Yuxuanjiang was the standard answer, but she could not obey her words, Elise left Afterwards, the chefs were discussing that this would not work.

Lin Xiaoyu and Bruce slept across the curtain. She participated in many competitions, but never was so nervous that she couldn't fall asleep. Blue guessed that she wanted to win too much, so he used soothing hypnotic words to help her fall asleep.

After finding the ingredients, Jiang Qianfan urged Lin Kesong to go back quickly, but Kesong was reluctant to leave this place, and she really wanted to spend it happily every day. After Lin Kesong went back, she saw ten flower baskets sent by Song Yiran and Chu Ting as soon as she entered the door. She didn't want to attract attention, but now she was more worried that she would be a joke. Jiang Qianfan comforted her that they were jealous of her.

Lin Kesong saw another cute gift box. When she opened it, it turned out to be a rag doll with bloody viscera. Kesong screamed in fright. Jiang Qianfan hurriedly took her into his arms. It turned out to be Boris's prank. Jiang Qianfan grabbed him by the collar and beat him up. He warned Boris not to teach his disciples dirty tricks. The bullets he sent him back then are still there. He is just a joke. Return the bullet to him.


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