Bruce helped Lin Xiaoyu escape his father's surveillance by riding a motorcycle and was going to take her to his studio. He prepared a lot of delicious food in advance, but there were no desserts, because it was judged from Xiaoyu's daily circle of friends that she did not like desserts. Xiaoyu told Bruce that she actually likes desserts, but after being discovered by Boris, she would not be allowed to eat them. He said that eating desserts can make people secrete dopamine and produce a sense of happiness, which will lead to loss of fighting spirit. Bruce thinks that Boris is too crazy. He took Xiaoyu to the shop of his mentor Huang Shi, who went to Nanjing in the afternoon to participate in the Taijiquan Push Hands competition. Bruce took out Huang Lao’s ten-year-old flower carvings to make wine chocolate for Xiaoyu. Huang Lao teased him through the camera as soon as he started. Hearing his voice, Xiaoyu was startled. Huang Lao teased that flower carvings match beautiful women. Going to the game right now. Xiaoyu is proud that Blue and his mentor are not doing serious business every day, and still want to win himself. Blue admits that he does not want to win anyone, but just wants to learn cooking skills with everyone. At this time, Boris told fans in the live broadcast that he would break the shocking secret on the day of the press conference.

In the evening, Jiang Qianfan saw that Ke Song was still practicing, and ordered her to rest quickly so that she could play in full condition tomorrow.

Mrs. Quentin learned that Jiang Qianfan specially asked Victor to find her in order to challenge Lin Kesong, and felt that he was really interested in this apprentice. Elise told her mother that Jiang Qianfan said that he did not love her, not because she was not good. , but because he was not interested in love, she felt that she still had a chance, so she didn't want to continue to compete with Jiang Qianfan, and she would be a hundred times better to him to move him.

Early the next morning, stylist Ban Ding came to make Ke Song's competition look. He told Ke Song that Mr. Jiang had contacted him a week in advance. Ke Song was afraid that the clothes would be too expensive to buy, so Jiang Qianfan asked her to be the team. As provided by the committee, he helped Ke Song choose a pink princess dress, but Ke Song chose the yellow one. She entered the fitting room, and half smiled and said that Jiang Qianfan knew her well. He had already prepared light yellow high-heeled shoes for Croissant.

After entering the venue the next day, Croissant was not used to wearing high heels and almost fell. Jiang Qianfan gently supported her and took her into his arms. Boris provoked Jiang Qianfan to end the press conference and not leave. He wanted to trouble Jiang Qianfan. Jiang Qianfan glad to fight.

The press conference had already started, but Lin Kesong was nervous and did not dare to come out in the bathroom. It was Boris and Xiaoyu's turn to play. Next was Jiang Qianfan and Ke Song. Jiang Qianfan was at the door and couldn't wait for Ke Song to come out. He knocked on the door and took her out. At this time, the host read the names of the two, and it was their turn to play. Croissant wanted to escape nervously. Jiang Qianfan calmly asked her to hold him and slowly entered the stage to meet everyone.

After Thomas, the chairman of the organizing committee, introduced the judges, the contestants’ challenge declaration was broadcast on the electronic screen. Xiaoyu said that she was here to win the championship, and only hoped that the other surnamed Lin would not be too shameful. Because the director could not find Lin Kesong, the host asked her to speak the challenge statement on the spot. The spotlight was on Kesong. The host asked everyone to welcome Kesong with warm applause. Jiang Qianfan encouraged her to just speak her mind. Boris and Xiaoyu laughed out loud. The host was about to end her declaration when Xiaoyu suddenly and solemnly announced that she did not want to be the Dragon Princess, but wanted to be the Dragon Subduing Princess. As soon as she finished speaking, there was thunderous applause from the audience.

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