Drama Title: Yesterday Once More 任凭时光沸腾
Origin: China
Episodes:  24
Release Date: Oct 19, 2020


An original campus youth drama that tells the rich and interesting high school life of five senior high school students before the college entrance examination. The background is set at Nanhu High School.

The matter revolves around the two protagonists, Gao Yuan, Gao Leng, pseudo-academic scum, and Wang Yang Xiaochan, who is straightforward. The male and female protagonists have changed from the idol drama of female chasing males, acting as a handsome male lead, guarding the childhood sweetheart female lead. At the same time, the series contains the real daily life close to the campus. It is a story of sweet pet and healing. 

Main Cast:

  • Dai Fei as Yang Xiao Chan
  • Liu Yi Zheng as Gao Yuan


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