• Drama Title: Winter and Lion 冰雪尖刀连 / 冬与狮
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Aug 11, 2023 - Aug 25, 2023
  • Episodes: 24


In the autumn of 1950, Vientiane of New China was renewed. Wu Qianli, the commander of the seventh reconnaissance company of a certain army, returned to his hometown to visit his relatives. Wu's elder brother died in the Huaihai War, and the third son, Wu Wanli, was stubborn and out of school, causing harm to the neighbors in the fishing village. Qianli decided to take him on the right path to become a soldier, and the brothers returned to the camp, just in time for the army to set out to resist the U.S. and aid Korea. Wan Li has just arrived, and he meets a group of experienced veterans, all of whom are tough and genuine. Crossing the Yalu River coincides with the coldest winter in North Korea that has never happened in a century. The regiment headquarters ordered it to be broken up into parts, lurking and interspersed deep into the enemy's rear. The recruit Wan Li first entered the battlefield and became a drag on the Seventh Company. Wanli and Qilian grew up together in a series of tough battles. During the battle at the airport, the Seventh Company saw through the tricks of the US military and was separated from the main force while rescuing the entire corps. They searched for the main force to Shuimen Bridge. The Shuimen Bridge is a weight that can influence the situation of the Korean War. The Seventh Company with only 30 people left must complete the task of blowing up the bridge. With great sacrifice and strong revolutionary will, the "Seventh Steel Company" accomplished this feat that is enough to shine in the annals of history. Thousands of miles were sacrificed, and Wanli grew into a responsible soldier. He will spend the rest of his life fulfilling his promise to his brother and rebuilding the "Seventh Steel Company".



  • Wang Zi Qi as Wu Wan Li
  • Jaco Zhang as Mei Sheng
  • Du Chan as Wu Qian Li


  • Yu Zhen as Lei Zhen
  • Kevin Z as Yu Cong Rong
  • Yu Bin as Lao Fang



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