• Drama Title: Wings of the Nation -Hai Tian Xiong Ying 海天雄鹰
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Jun 11, 2024
  • Episodes: 38


The Chinese aircraft carrier was launched, the People's Navy's carrier-based aircraft test flight brigade was established, and the selection of the first batch of test pilots presided over by the meritorious pilot Wei Zhonghua began immediately.

Yu Lingyun, a young navy super pilot, has superb skills and excellent record, and his character is even more determined to not give up until he reaches his goal. During a mission, Yu Lingyun drove away foreign fighter planes that entered our country's airspace to harass, which attracted the attention of high-level officials and was qualified as a test flight candidate. After entering the flight test team, tests such as 1V1 confrontation, hanging ropes on the deck, hitting the "visual wall" and flying in reverse areas followed one after another. Facing various challenges, under the leadership and training of Wei Zhonghua, Yu Lingyun and his comrades-in-arms Yu Fei, Kang Yancheng and others went through hardships and finally broke through the technical difficulties of carrier-based aircraft taking off and landing on the ship, making our country another country that has successfully mastered these two technology country.


  • Zhu Ya Wen as Yu Lingyun
  • Hou Yong
  • Wang Luo Dan
  • Du Chun
  • Zhang Yao
  • Tong Lei



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