Drama Title: Unknown Crime 未知罪
Origin: China
Release Date:  2020


In 2006, a series of murder cases happened in Baichuan, a small town in Hunan. Leng Xiao Bing, a rookie policeman working at the Interpol, initially thought this was a normal investigation, but he didn't expect to meet the murderer face-to-face. However, he could not bring himself to kill the murderer, and this let him go scot-free. In 2016, Xia Mu just graduated from police academy and reports at the Interpol. However, no one noticed that he is the last witness left to the Baichuan murder case. Leng Xiao Bing and Bai Chuan eventually find their investigation leading to the same source - the last victim of the Baichuan murder case. The truth of the incident ten years ago begins to unfold.


  • Lay Zhang as Xia Mu
  • Wang Jing Chun as Leng Xiao Bing




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