• Drama Title: The Story of Dalian: The Three Bloodbrothers 浴血三兄弟
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Sep 7, 2018 - 2018
  • Episodes: 43


Lu Changfeng and Qi Feiyun, the standard bearers of the Beiyang Navy, experienced the Sino-Japanese War and the Lushun Massacre. They struggled to survive in the early days of Dalian as a port and were exiled by the Russian authorities. After returning to Dalian, under the iron hooves of the colonists who were ruined and humiliated by the country, with the dream of revitalizing the national industry, he expanded his career with tenacity and loyalty. After 60 years of ups and downs of life and death, great sorrow and great prosperity, finally ushered in the dawn of national independence and prosperity. The love between Lu Changfeng and Xiao Jinzi and Feng Qin's life-and-death dependence are the main thread of the emotional drama, and the life choice of "human" and "ghost" with his life-and-death brother Qi Feiyun, grievances and hatred are the fulcrum of the drama conflict. The light pierced the sky in the dark night of Dalian's colonial period.



  • Duan Yi Hong as Lu Chang Feng
  • Ma Su as Xiao Jin Zi
  • Fu Da Long as Qi Fei Yun
  • Sun Ning as Feng Qin




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