• Drama Title: The North of the Space 苍穹之北
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date:  2022
  • Episodes: 30


In 2005, aerospace engineer An Fu Cheng heard the news that China had started the construction of the Beidou 3 global navigation system and quit his high-paying overseas job to join the Beidou R&D team. With the support of Deng Guang Chun, director of the National Communication Center of the Teacher, An Fu Cheng recruited Wu Tong, an engineer who lost his self-confidence due to previous failures, and Xia Fei Xue, a genius programmer who pursued self-worth. With this new three-person team, they propose a brand new one for the satellite system and they get included in the core R&D team.

Main Cast:

  • Yang Zi 
  • Lay Zhang
  • Yuan Quan


  • v



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