• Drama Title: The Lord of Losers 2 破事精英2
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Apr 29, 2023
  • Episodes: 24


The incident department used to be the most insignificant department of Wanshou Group. Good guy manager Hu Qiang, thorny programmer Ouyang Murphy, chicken blood salesman Tang Haixing, gossip secretary Jin Ruoyu, obsessive-compulsive disorder designer Su Kejie, overworked and fat copywriter Pang Xiaobai, and optimist assistant Sha Le deal with the mess that other departments are unwilling to do. thing. However, because of the slant in the turmoil of layoffs in the Wanshou Group, the incident department not only saved itself, but also saved many colleagues from being laid off, which made the leaders look at each other with admiration. Everyone in the incident department has received a promotion and salary increase, but even more absurd and hilarious incidents are waiting for them. The salty fish and grudges in the incident department are about to usher in a new part-time job routine.



  • Li Jia Hang as Hu Qiang
  • Cheng Guo as Ou Yang Mo Fei
  • Zhang Yi Duo as Tang Hai Xing




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