• Drama Title: The Legend of Taotie 饕餮记
  • Also Known As: Taotieji , Remember , Gluttononous Rememberance
  • Origin: China
  • Episodes: 40
  • Release Date: 2021


Set in the Great Liang dynasty, the story revolves around Tian Xiang Restaurant, a famed restaurant in Wu Xia City. Shopkeeper Zhu Chengbi and accountant Chang Qing are known to be bickering couple. They underwent many heart-pounding and earth-shaking incidents and together came up with many delicious dishes. Each dishes encompass and tell a different story, and reflect a different meaning. In the end, the Langyang King decides to pit Zhu Chengbi and Chang Qing against each other to save his own life. He forces Chengbi to make a dish that extends one's lifespan, and freed the black kirin due to his own greed; thus destroying Lian Xin Tower and Wu Xia City. Under his manipulation, Chengbi evolved into a Taotie and almost swallowed Chang Qing. Eventually, Chang Qing awakened Chengbi and everything starts all over again.



  • An Yue Xi as Zhou Cheng Bi
  • Wang You Shou as Chang Qing



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