• Drama Title: The Infiltrator 潜伏者
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date:  2023
  • Episodes: 40


In Shanghai 1941, a spy stationed at No. 76, the secret service during Wang Jingwei's puppet regime, is in danger of being exposed. At this time, a woman barges into his life with two children and they must pretend to be a family to keep up a front.

Fang Jiashu and Tao Yuling, a woman who was meant to be his wife since childhood, are both agents of the Communist underground. They have to try everything they can to ensure that all the members of their little family "perform well" in their roles in order to keep their identities safe. It proves to be no easy task given the suspicions from Li Lixing, the head of No. 76 and intelligence director Ye Xingcheng.

Fang Jiashu also has another identity as a Juntong agent, which is complicated by fellow agent Su Yalu who is in love with him and team leader "Silver Fox" who is secretly monitoring his every move. Even in such a situation, Fang Jiashu skilfully navigates different interests to complete his mission.



  • Huang Xiao Ming as Fang Jiashu
  • Jiang Xin as Tao Yuling
  • Wu Xiao Liang


  • Regina Wan Qian
  • Wang Zhi Fei

Production Credits

  • Director: Gao Han
  • Screenwriter: Yu Fei
  • Company: New Classics Media, Tencent Penguin Pictures



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