• Drama Title: The Grand Merchants 一代洪商
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Mar 27, 2022 - Apr 9, 2022
  • Episodes: 40


It tells the legendary story of the three generations of the Liu and Yang families' century-old oil companies. From the 1920's Republican era to the Sino-Japanese War, they struggled in an environment where unscrupulous merchants colluded with officials, warlords, Japanese spies, and bandits.

Since the ancient times, Hongjiang has long been an important and prosperous commercial port for Xiangxi. It is rich in high-quality tung oil that's known as Hong You. Liu Yun Xiang of Yuanlong Oil and Yang Tong Chang of Hengshun Oil used to be dutiful craftsmen abandoned by the great changes of the times.

Yang Da Jiang, the eldest son of the Yang family, engages in activities for the Communist underground to raise funds for the revolution. The two daughters of the Liu family both fall in love with Yang Da Jiang and fight hard to secure Hongjiang City. Da Jiang's younger brother Yang Er Jiang joins the Kuomintang by accident. The members of the Liu and Yang families represent the sons and daughters of Xiangxi.

The older generation of Liu Yun Xiang and Yang Tong Chang suffered many hardships without losing their morality. They traveled thousands of miles to do business while doing good for the world. Their children are full of enthusiasm and willing to make sacrifices as they compose a heroic song with blood.



  • Ray Chang as Yang Da Jiang
  • Baby Zhang as Liu Tian Juan
  • Li Chun Lee as Yang Tong Chang
  • Zhang Feng Yi as Liu Yun Xiang 




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