• Drama Title: The Emperor's Love 倾城亦清欢
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: 2023
  • Episodes: 36


A love story revolving around the mysterious and unpredictable God of War of the North Mu Kingdom, Zhan Qing Cheng and the daughter of the Feng family, Feng Qing Huan.

Zhan Qing Cheng is the God of War of the North Mu Kingdom, the 9th prince who is good at strategizing and has killed thousands of enemies on the battlefield. He is mysterious and unpredictable. He also has cold personality and a handsome appearance. He seems vicious but actually has a heart of gold. His hand is full of blood and deep hatred, but Feng Qing Huan’s appearance is like a warm sun, warming his cold life. Feng Qing Huan is an intern doctor who has been studying medicine for ten years. She is the least favored daughter of the Feng family. She faces an unprecedented crisis of life and death, she pretends to be naive and stupid, but actually, she is smart and wise, with a vast heart, strong and kind-hearted. She does not want to deal with Zhan Qing Cheng, but without realizing it she is very much trapped in the love of life and death.



  • Wallace Chung as Zhan Qingcheng
  • Crystal Yuan Bing Yan as Feng Qinghuan


  • Jason Gu /Koo -Jia Cheng as Mu Mu
  • Zhang Yue as Feng Qingyin
  • Dong You Lin as Zhan Yuheng
  • Du Yu Chen as Zhan Luori
  • Li Jing Yi as Jian Yi
  • Jeffrey as Zhan Yu Heng (crown prince)

Production Credits

  • Original Writing: Wang De Nu Ren Shei Gan Dong (王的女人 谁敢动) by Zhan Hua Re Xiao (拈花惹笑)
  • Director: Fu Ce Xin
  • Screenwriter: Fan Qing (樊菁), Jiang Li Hua (蒋丽华), Guan Shuo (关朔)
  • Producer: Shao Wen Yi
  • Art Director: Liu Jing Ping
  • Stylist: Chen Tong Xun
  • Company: iQiyi




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