Movie Title: Sword Dynasty Messy Inn 剑王朝之九境长生
Origin: China
Release Date: 2020


During the period of Warring States, seven countries fought for the only hegemony. King Qin's army was invincible and won many diplomatic victories, eventually annexing other countries. However, where King Qin's army went, there were many corpses and thousands of miles of barren land left. The people found it hard to live on and they were complaining. A group of people with lofty ideals inside and outside the imperial court formed an alliance against King Qin, they wrote down the edict hidden in clothes regardless of life and death, and vowed to overthrow King Qin to bring back peace to the world.



  • Xiao Xu as Xie Chang Sheng
  • Zhang Wei Na as Bai Shan Shui
  • Liu Hai Lan as Xie Ruo





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