• Drama Title: Shh... Check Your Phone 嘘!看手机
  • Also Known As: Hush! Look at Your Phone , Late Night Suprise , Xu! Kan Shou Ji , Shen Ye Jing Qi , 深夜惊奇 , 噓!看手機 , 深夜驚奇
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Mar 6, 2023 - Mar 12, 2023
  • Episodes: 10


Contains 10 stories closely related to mobile phones and mobile internet in the internet era we are currently in. A girl watching a video of a classmate's reunion a year ago and accidentally discovering the password hidden in the video; The online writer made friends offline, but encountered a mysterious reader; Amnesiac man pieced together his life through his mobile phone... Every story is a journey through the screen and facing the unknown.



  • Sun Jia Jun
  • Cheng Zhi Wei
  • Xing Xun
  • Sun Sheng Hao
  • Guo Yi Yang
  • Lei Hao Xiang
  • Dannie Ji
  • Lu Mian Da
  • Zhao Yi Lin
  • Song Pei Ze



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