• Drama Title: Nice To Meet You Again 林深见鹿
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Jun 7, 2022 - Jun 26, 2022
  • Episodes: 40


The tide of life rolls forward for everyone, you can roll up to it, or you can lie flat. This is an open-book exam, there is no standard answer, you can communicate with each other, but there is no cheating trick. Looking back at the relationship between Lin Shaotao and Jian Ai, from falling in love at first sight in college to overcoming the curse of graduation and breaking up, and entering the marriage hall after years of ups and downs, every step is enviable. Therefore, Lin Shaotao never thought that when a middle-aged person launches a reform attack on the industry, his family also steps out of his comfort zone. Regarding the reasons for the divorce, Jian Ai never explained to anyone. She originally wanted to leave Beijing and go to Dali, but because of her previous work experience, Liu Yingxia was hired by VG China to help her solve the optimization crisis. Coincidentally, her ex-husband Lin Shaotao also killed VG to become the director of operations. Under all kinds of opportunities, all the relatives and friends who did not want to divorce the two even racked their brains to use all kinds of tricks to make the two get back together. Lin Shaotao wants to slay demons and demons in the workplace, while the other side has to deal with the joint efforts of Jian Ai and Liu Yingxia, not to mention the various internal and external troubles of his own friends. In the end, whether to be able to embrace the beauty again, or to separate the two, Lin Shaotao and Jian Ai, the opponents who know each other too well, once again stood at the crossroads of life together.


  • Jin Dong as Lin Shao Tao
  • Li Xiaoran as Jian /ai
  • Zhang Yu / Yvonne as Wu Qing
  • Yue Yang as Jia Kuan
  • Zhang Yao
  • Cao Lei
  • Niu Li
  • Liu Shutong




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