• Drama Title: My Unicorn Girl 穿盔甲的少女
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: 2020
  • Episodes: 24


Sangtian is a lovely girl. On her 18th birthday, she made a wish to be admitted to skating team, her mother's alma mater. Unexpectedly, she was lucky all the time, but she failed in the entrance examination of skating, and she was hired to take the ice hockey department examination disguised as a man. Because the ice hockey department doesn't recruit girls, Sang Tian has to disguise herself and dress up as a man. I thought the plan was perfect, but the appearance of the prankster Wen Bing, left her with a lot to worry about. They married outside school, but now they live in the same dormitory. After a confrontation, the two people with narrow avenues have changed from mutual dislike to mutual appreciation. They worked hard with their teammates to win the College League. But Sangtian's secret was finally exposed. She had to leave LiuYe. At this time, there is a good news that next year's six leaves will recruit the first new generation of women's ice hockey. Sang Tian regains her hope, recovers her appearance as a girl, puts on her armor, and starts a new dream chasing journey with Wen Bing.


  • Sebrina Chen as Sang Tian
  • Darren Chen as Wen Bing
  • Ao Ziyi as Sang Zhan
  • Li Jiu Lin as Shen Wei Lian
  • Miranda Ma as Meng Na
  • Dai Ya Qi as Feng Xiao Rou



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