Movie Title: Monster Run 怪物先生/ Mr. Monster 
Origin: China
Release Date: 2020


There has been some strange things, you thought it was a coincidence, or compile a reason to make it reasonable, in fact, because you do not want to admit ......
  end of the season (spring and summer ornaments) from an early age because they can see the "monster" and is regarded as alien, It wasn't until one day that she saw the "monster" again in the supermarket where she worked and magically met the "monster hunter"-Brother Meng (played by Shawn Yue), did she discover that there really were "monsters" in the world, two young people This involved a new storm.



  • Shawn Yue as Meng Ge
  • Jessie Li as Ji Mo


  • Kara Hui as Lotus Lady
  • Tu Men as Uncle Ping
  • Qiao Shan as Paper Man
  • Wang Yutian as Spades



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