Drama Title: Lan Se Shan Dian

  • Native Title: 蓝色闪电
  • Also Known As: 特勤八组 , Te Qin Ba Zu

Origin: China
Episodes:  TBA
Release Date: 2021


 Qin Guan, the captain of the Special Service Squadron of the Armed Police Corps, was eager for revenge, and failed to forcibly rescue the hostages in the operation, causing the terrorist "Blood Wolf" to escape and the hostages were killed. Qin Guan was demoted. The army decided to recruit female soldiers to join the special service team. When Qin Guan received the army, he witnessed the martial arts majoring female college student Lemon maintaining justice on the street. He greatly appreciated her skill and mobilized Lemon to join the army. Chen Xuan and Liu Zhenzhen, who were in the same bedroom, decided to apply together with their friends.
  After enlisting in the army, Qin Guan turned into a devil instructor, and the requirements were strict. After the recruit training was over, the three classmates were assigned to the newly formed Secret Service Team 8. The captain was Qin Guan.
  The eighth group of special services is a sharp knife unit, and the members are all very skilled. In several confrontations with the "Blood Wolf", many terrorist attacks were resolved, but they also experienced heavy bloodshed and sacrifice. Girls who were once ignorant and ignorant grew up and became real special service fighters. In the end, the murderous terrorists were killed and the conspiracy of international terrorist organizations was defeated. Defend the honor of the motherland and protect the well-being of the people.

Main Cast:

  • Vengo Gao 
  • Hu Bing Qing



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