• Drama Title: Island Nation: Hoping 國際橋牌社外傳:和平歸來
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Release Date:  Mar 18, 2023
  • Episodes: 7


Two doctors helping abandoned medical workers and patients to fight against the ruthless government. The SARS epidemic, an infection in the municipal Bo Ai Hospital, exploded in Taiwan of ignorance and miscalculated political decisions in 2003.Under the fear of death and lack of practical supporting measures, the Taipei city government announced the Hospital would be quarantined immediately without warning. Any contacts would be treated as the source of infection. The medical workers, patients, and their family members were forcibly sealed inside the Hospital on the verge of collapse. Chen Yui Mei, a chief resident, led her colleagues and tried to fight to the bitter end. Lo Shi Kai, the Taipei City Health Bureau officer, was to survive between politics, medical ethics, and media. How could he help everyone to break through the deadly threats and return home safely?



  • Lawrence Ko 
  • Aviis Zhong
  • Lotus Wang



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