Drama Title: If the Voice Has Memory 如果声音有记忆
Also Known As: Ru Guo Sheng Yin You Ji Yi , Yu Gu Seng Yam Yau Gei Yik , 如果聲音有記憶
Origin: China
Episodes: 24
Released: 2022


The drama is a youthful inspirational romantic series with the background of the animation dubbing industry. The play tells the optimistic and vigorous girl Yu Luxi, who is constantly working hard to become a voice actor and her ultimate dream in life. She unexpectedly finds her boss Lin Nan, It turned out to be Mai Da, a voice-over idol who has worshipped for many years. Yu Luxi followed Lin Nan as his teacher, and the two went hand in hand, traveling together in the world of sound. 



  • Wei Zhe Ming as Lin Nan
  • Pan Mei Ye as Yu Luxi


  • Zhang Shu Lun
  • Song Fang Yuan
  • Shan Lan Qiao
  • Yang Zhi Ying
  • Zhao Huan Ran
  • Xu Peng


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