Drama Title: Growing Pain  少年派
Origin: China
Release Date: Jun 9, 2019 - Jul 1, 2019
Episodes: 40


A story that follows four households and how every member of the family braves the rains and basks under the sun in this journey called life.
Contrary to expectations, the bright and bubbly Lin Miao Miao has received high scores in the recent exams which earns her admission to a top high school. Her mom Wang Sheng Nan is exceptionally proud of her daughter's achievements. Lin Miao Miao is also elated as well since she will be living at the dorms away from her mother's control. However, school life is not easy in the face of stiff competition. Miao Miao's grades come under pressure and her mom Wang Sheng Nan decides to become a tutor mom. By the third year of high school, Lin Miao Miao and her friends face drastic changes in their homes that they must come to terms with.

Main Cast:

  • Zhang Jia Yi as Lin Da Wei
  • Yan Ni as Yang Shen Nan
  • Fiction Guo as Qian San Yi
  • Angel Zhao as Lin Miao Miao
  • Uvin Wang as Deng Xiao Qi
  • Jiang Guan Nan as Jiang Tian Hao



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