• Drama Title: Green Plum 青梅酸酸你微甜
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Mar 2, 2023
  • Episode: 24


Jiang Yiyi, a third-year graduate student majoring in artificial intelligence, has been feeling guilty since the death of her twin sister, determined to develop an AI to "resurrect" her sister, and thus broke into the world of "AI God" Gu Yu. Although Gu Yu is a god in the AI world, he has a little-known mental illness. In order to cure the disease, he has been looking for "Qingmei" who healed him when he was a child, but by accident, he found "Qingmei"'s sister-Jiang Yiyi. The two "emotional idiots" who shouldn't be in love, have already unconsciously moved closer and closer to each other because of the matching of values during the joint research project. While helping each other solve their difficulties, the seeds of love sprouted...



  • Liu Xu Wei as Gu Yu
  • Guan Chang as Jiang Yi Yi


  • Song Yi Xiong as Du Yao
  • Sun Jia Qi as Tang Xiaofei
  • Yuan Zi Ming as Lin Dusen
  • Wang Yi Jun as Chen Feng

Production Credits

  • Director: He Jia Nan (何佳男)




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