• Title: Global College Entrance Examination
  • Other Names: 全球高考; Quan Qiu Gao Kao
  • Origin: China
  • Air date: 2022
  • Episodes: 50
  • Runtime: 45 minutes


You Xiao (Wu Lei) was pulled into a strange examination because of a small accident. The hunter's cabin in the snowstorm test physics, the mountain village surrounded by graves, the foreign language test, and the history of the desert island on the vast sea... A scene represents a subject, free-hand exam, real-life brushwork, and pass the life. Wandering three times and three times out of the invigilator office, so I formed Liangzi with instructor Qin Zhuo (decorated by Liu Haoran) 001. Confronted with one another, he found that he seemed to have known Qin Zhuo for a long time, and behind the exam there was an amazing secret.


  • Mu Su Li as unknown


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