• Drama Title: Fifth Place Fortune 第五名发家
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Episode: 32


A mountain youth who was admitted to the provincial capital university, settled down in the provincial capital, he still missed his hometown Wujia Village, which had just escaped poverty, and looked for various ways to lead the villagers to become rich together. The villages that were lifted out of poverty almost returned to poverty. When he was desperate, the fifth place used his knowledge and familiarity with the relevant market to plan a breeding plan for ornamental fish koi together with Sun Ting, a big koi farmer, and Tie Ma, the "rich second generation", and built a feed production factory, successfully breeding high-quality game fish. The top koi carp ranks first in the market, and its reputation spreads far and wide. Koi feed is also sold overseas, which gradually drives the development of surrounding villages and establishes a complete industrial chain. 



  • He Peng as Di Wu Ming
  • Rong Zi Xi as Sun Ting




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