• Drama Title: Every Day and Night 我们的日子
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date:  Feb 6, 2023 - Feb 25, 2023
  • Episode: 38


In the early 1980s, Wang Xuehua, Dongfanghong and Yang Siyu, who lived in the family area of the factory, were born on the same day. With the birth of the child, the emotional entanglements of the three families and two generations unfolded little by little in this rapidly advancing wave of the times. The conflict between the fathers of the Wang family and the Yang family has affected each of them, causing the two lovers to separate, and Dongfanghong, who has been watching Xuehua silently behind her back, finally moved Xuehua, and the two came together. The three grown-up children have become the backbone of the family, and the grievances and conflicts between the three families are gradually resolved in ordinary days. Faced with real problems such as career, love, marriage, and family, everyone realizes that they can only work together. , to face it bravely, can we move towards a better future together. The two generations have experienced the baptism of the times and their feelings have become deeper and deeper, and they have integrated into the ever-developing social trend, making each family's life better and better. .



  • Li Xiao Ran as Liu Shu Xia
  • Zhou Yi Ran as Wang Xue Hua
  • Li Nai Wen as WAng Xian Ping
  • Zhou Qi as Dong Fang Hong


  • Song Chun Li




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