• Drama Title: Everlasting Longing 相思令
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Episodes: 30


When the business prodigy meets a domineering man, their story begins. The eldest daughter of a merchant family has been living with two identities. To outsiders, Jun Qi Luo is Jun Fei Fan, the illegitimate son of the family. She was taken to Beixuan at the age of 20 years old.

Jun Qi Luo experiences many hardships in a foreign land. She is accused of being a spy, humiliated and mistreated. Qi Luo finds a chance to escape but discovers that while she is away from home, the prince has colluded with her brother-in-law and his mistress to steal their family fortune. Jun Qi Luo takes her aging father, erniang and two younger sisters with her as she fights to rebuild the family business.



  • Angelababy as Jun Qi Luo/ Jun Fei Fan
  • Song Wei Long as Xuan Le
  • Ren Hao as Shao Qi Min
  • Bai Bing Ke as Xuan Qing Kui




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