• Drama Title: Duo Da Dian Shi Er 多大点事儿
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Episode: 30


In the mid-1980s, Wang Xiaoqing and Du Mantang were childhood sweethearts, but Zhang Zezhong took advantage of Wang Xiaoqing's mother's objection. But Zhang Zezhong married the daughter of the vice principal's family for the sake of future, and Du Mantang and Wang Xiaoqing came together again. Zhang Zezhong, who clings to the rich and powerful, is despised by his wife's family. He has failed in his career and is preparing to start a business in the south. Without start-up funds, he can only sell the house. In order to raise the housing price, he fabricates rumors that there are treasures buried under the house. The soaring housing price makes him lose his mind and dig treasures by himself. As a result, the house almost collapses and he leaves lonely. Thirty years later, Du Mantang and Zhang Zezhong are alley stewards. Zhang Zezhong's plan to seize profits in the process of decommercializing the alley is blocked by Du Mantang. So Zhang Zezhong set his sights on Taibele's courtyard house and occupied the magpie's nest in the name of a joint company. Under the leadership of Du Mantang, Wang Xiaoqing and others, all the residents worked together, and Zhang Zezhong was finally imprisoned. Zhang Zezhong's daughter, Zhang Ting, begged in every possible way, crying that her father was making money crazily in order to prevent his mother from bringing her to emigrate. Everyone chose to forgive, but Zhang Zezhong was sentenced to three years and five years suspended. After returning home, Zhang Zezhong sincerely apologized and was forgiven by the neighbors



  • Xu Yue as Du Li
  • He Bing as Du Man Tang




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