• Drama Title: Dong Lan Xue 东栏雪/ Eastern Magnolia Snow
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Feb 24, 2023
  • Episodes: 28


The cruel and ruthless maid in charge of the palace, Shen Yan, has assisted the Seventh Prince Chu Ning to seize Yuan Duo since she was a child. In order to destroy the prince's plan to choose a concubine to stabilize his power, Shen Yan took the initiative to match the seventh prince with the daughter of a powerful official, but Chu Ningyuan always liked Shen Yan who was by his side. Because of the tragic experience in her early years, Shen Yan had a shadow on the relationship between men and women, and only had plans for revenge in her heart, so she chose to turn a blind eye to Chu Ningyuan's love. And Chu Ningyuan's devotion to Shen Yan finally opened up her hidden heart step by step...



  • Qi Xia Xia as Shen Yan
  • Jin Chao as Chu Ning Yuan



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