• Drama Title: Doctor Xian Xiao Fan 医仙小凡
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: 2023
  • Episodes: 


This is an ancient costume martial arts sweet pet drama. It mainly tells the story of Luo Xiaofan, the saint of medical immortal gate, who accidentally rescued Nan Chufei who was hunted down and then triggered a series of stories. Luo Xiaofan, the saint of the medical fairy sect who is all in love, she is eccentric and has a straightforward personality, proficient in medical skills, and has a little knowledge of light power. Nan Chufei. Nan Chufei, the son of Jin Nanhou, has a docile character and strong martial arts. He was expelled because of his childhood experience. He was a man who was rejected by everyone. He was good at forbearance. Later he obtained fame and was named a general. After that, he assisted the seven princes, thinking He wanted to avenge his mother, report Yan Moyun's trading officials, and seize the Hou Mansion. When he was killed, he was rescued by Luo Xiaofan, a doctor. The love of his sons and daughters was a luxury for him, but as he got along with Luo Xiaofan , He fell in love with this girl, and was willing to think about the future for her, and how he would live in the future, and finally lived a happy life in seclusion with Luo Xiaofan.



  • Wang Hao Ge as Luo Xiaofan
  • Yang Jia Jia as Nan Chufei


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