• Drama Title: Deadful Melody 新六指琴魔
  • Origin: China
  • Release: 40
  • Episodes: 2022


In order to fight against the "six-fingered piano demon" who reappeared in Jianghu, Jianghu people Dongfang Bai, Sui Keng, and Shui Linglong reunited after 20 years of retirement to find out the truth of the incident step by step. On the other hand, the younger generation headed by Wan Chong (played by Ye Xiangming), Suiyuan (played by Shen Yao), Sarutobi (played by Zheng Peng), and Duguhong (played by Ma Qianqian) are under the blood and rain brought by the piano demon. Experienced the tests of love, family and friendship, and eventually grew into a new star and hope in the arena.



  • Benny Chan as Dong Fang Bai
  • Michelle Hu as Yun Miao Miao Ma


  • Dean Liu
  • Shen Yao 



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