• Drama Title: Creatures Unknown 未知生物
  • Origin: China
  • Episodes:  12
  • Release Date: May 12, 2020


The strange and weird case appeared on Yanbo Island in the south, and the residents of the island disappeared mysteriously. At the same time, a short-haired girl suddenly came to the town and seemed to be closely related to the disappearance. In order to find the missing friend You Shang Jie, the town high school students Fu Jun Hao and Zhang Yu Xuan took the mysterious girl and searched for the truth. At the same time, Sarah, a female high school teacher who lost her biological brother, also formed a team with Su Min Xu, a rich second generation on the island of happy friends. For the sudden appearance on the island, the mysterious black gang launched an investigation ... What is the black mucus appearing everywhere? What was missing from the missing high school student, Shang Shangjie? Why is there a strange sound in the dry well on Haichao Street? Who does the Ph.D.s in those black people point to? Everything shows that a huge crisis is quietly approaching the inhabitants of the island, and the good people know nothing about it ...



  • Fu Xiao Xian as Xin Rui
  • Wu Xing Jian as Fu Jun Hao


  • Vicky Yu as Sarah
  • Wang Cheng as Zhang Yu Xuan
  • Joshua Song as Du Shou Gu



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