• Drama Title: Crazy Cuisine Battles 奇葩料理大作战
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Feb 5, 2020 - 2020
  • Episode: 24


Single since birth, the 26-year-old Yan Xiao Mi travels from her hometown of Weifang to the romantic capital of Paris in pursuit of the man of her dreams - French cuisine celebrity Shang Dongfang. In her journey, she stumbles upon a neurotic culinary school.
This is a magical school with a century-old history, all sorts of crazy traditions and teachers that have a few screws loose. At this place, Yan Xiao Mi meets landlord Oscar who is a downtrodden director, the pure-hearted Da Fan Shu who inherited ramen skills, the untamable hottie Su Xiaoyao who is connected with the triads and of course, the man of her dreams Shang Dongfang.
Acknowledged as a 'virgin' in the world of culinary, Yan Xiao Mi receives 'special care' from her teachers and classmates alike. However, a conspiracy brews in the dark shadows that seek to destroy this wonderful institution and everything that it stands for.



  • Charlene Chen as Yan Xiao Mi
  • Gao Jian as Oscar



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