• Movie Title: Crash 坠机
  • Origin: China
  • Released:   2019


In order to further create a strong atmosphere of anti-drug propaganda on campus, strengthen the anti-drug awareness and concepts of school students, educate students to recognize the essence of drugs, resolutely resist the temptation of drugs, and build a strong anti-drug line on campus. In November 2018, the Beijing Film Academy and the Beijing Anti-drug Education Base Management Center jointly produced the campus anti-drug micro-film "Crash", Hou Guangming, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Film Academy, Zhi Hongwei, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of Beijing Film Academy, and Deputy to the Management Center of Beijing Anti-drug Education Base Director Qu Xiaoguang attended the startup ceremony. Under the guidance of the Beijing Anti-Drug Office and the Beijing Committee of the Communist Youth League, the anti-drug micro-film "Crash" was jointly produced by the Beijing Film Academy and the Beijing Drug Control Education Base Management Center. The film is based on the four-year campus life of college students and tells the story of four students in the same dormitory. It is specifically contracted by Ka Le Media, one of the students ’double innovation teams affiliated with the Student Innovation Center of the Beijing Film Academy. Wu Lei and Song Zuer starred. At the same time, Wu Lei filmed a public service advertisement for the charity alliance of anti-drug education colleges and universities, calling on the youth to stay away from drugs. The film popularized anti-drug knowledge through the film and spread the concept of "cherish life and stay away from drugs". It is reported that on January 25, 2019, the anti-drug micro-film "Crash" will be released by China Youth Network, China Anti-Drug Pavilion website, Beijing Film Academy official micro, "Youth Beiying" public micro, iQiyi,, Kuaishou The media platform was officially released. 


  • Leo Wu as Wu Li San Shi
  • Lareina Song as Sanshi



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