• Drama Title: The City of Passing Time 流光之城
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date:  Jan 20, 2022
  • Episodes: 40


Set in the Shanghai Shores at the beginning of the 20th century, where warlords begin to seize their powers; many heroes emerge, and revolutionary movements begin to rise. Making use of their wealth, the influential Rong family often abused their powers to commit various heinous crimes. In order to uphold justice, Feng Shizhen decide to embark on the road of revenge. She successfully sneaked into the Rong family, and became a tutor of the young master Rong Jiashang. However, in the midst of testing and making use of each other, Feng Shizhen slowly finds herself falling for the enemy's son. When the truth of the injustice and grievances that happened twenty years ago begin to surface, the two lovers who were initially in two different camps work together to brave through numerous hurdles, and ultimately reveal the shocking truth. Finally, Rong Ding's evil crimes were revealed to the world, and justice was served. Feng Shizhen and Rong Jiashang also got their happy ending.


  • Sally Jing / Tian as Feng Shi Zhen
  • Timmy Xu as Rong Jia Shang
  • Jing Chao as Meng Xu An
  • Karina Hai as Du Xin Lan
  • Chi Jia as Yang Xiu Cheng
  • Chi Jia as Yang Xiu Cheng
  • Faye Wang as Xiao Bao Li


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