• Drama Title: Chasing the Light 左肩有你
  • Also Known As: Run Freely , Left Shoulder Has You , Zuo Jian You Ni , Sa Ye , 撒野
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date:2021
  • Episodes: 24


Jiang Cheng is an exemplary youth who excels in his studies. He was adopted since young, but was abandoned by his foster family and moved back with his father. Faced with an unfamiliar surroundings and a gambler father, he develops a rebellious character. His life took a change when he meets Gu Fei, a roguish and tough guy. As they get to know each other, they develop a close friendship and thus begin a journey of redemption as they help each other heal and grow through their pains.



  • Fan Cheng Cheng as Jiang Cheng
  • Wang An Yu as Gu Fei
  • Wang Sheng Di as Gu Miao


  • Sun Yi  孙铱 as Ding Zhu Xin
  • Tang Jia Long as Pan Zhi
  • Tan Quan as Li Yan
  • Xia Meng as Yi Jing
  • Chen Ming Hao as Lao Lu
  • Yu Ai Lei as Li Bao Guo
  • Gong Rui
  • Jiang Yi Ru as Zhao Jing
  • Bai Yu Fan as Liu Fan
  • Hu Tian Yi as Luo Yu
  • Gao Lu as Mother Gu
  • Zhao Run Nan as Zhao Yihui
  • Wang Chao as Hou Zi




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