• Drama Title: Cai Yun Yi San Liu Li Cui 彩云易散琉璃脆
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Episodes: TBA


The story is set in a fictional world ruled by five great tribes. Lin Jing Zhi is a youth from the Chi Shan Mu Tribe who stands out for his outstanding abilities and is thus envied by many. Despite his playful nature, he is pure and kind. One day, he sang a song of "Phoenix Journey" in Mount Wu Shan, which was heard by the chief of Mount Wu Shan, Chen Yan. Lin Jing Zhi falls in love with Chen Yan and decides to pay a visit to her.

However, someone plots to harm Chen Yan and in order to protect her, Lin Jing Zhi has no choice but to kill the Holy Reverent of Mount Wu Shan. This incites a war between both tribes, and in the midst of the battle, Lin Jing Zhi falls into a deep sleep. Chen Yan was deeply injured and lost her memories, and was taken in as a disciple by Cong Xin and renamed Tu Xing. Ten years later, Lin Jing Zhi awakens and reunites with Tu Xing, and both work together to find peace and love in the midst of the storm brewing between the five tribes.



  • Chen Ziyou 陈子由 as Mu Jing Zhi
  • Huang Can Can as Xu Xing/ Ceng Yan




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