• Title of drama: Braveness of the Ming 锦衣夜行 aka  Imperial Guard Night Travels
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 30
  • Airs: 
  • Original Network: LeTV, LeTV 


Xia Xun, an ordinary man who after witnessing Jinyiwei's brutality, an imperial military secret police serving the Ming dynasty emperors in China, decided to stand up for the common folks. His path led him to his future wife and his sworn brother, as well as, a prince and his wife. His capability attracted the attention of Jinyiwei top brass. They recruited him into the agency and trained him to become an elite Jinyiwei. In the meantime, the newly ascended emperor ruled with an iron fist and tolerating no dissidents. Seeing the plights of the people, the man began covertly helping the prince to ascend the throne and restore peace to the country.



  • Zhang Han as Xia Xun
  • Jeremy Jones Xu 徐正曦  as Ximen Jing
  • Park Min Young as Xie Yu Fei
  • Shawn Wei as Ji Gang


  • Janice Wu as Tang Sai Er
  • Tony Chen as Zhu Di, King of Yan
  • Maggie Shiu as Queen of Xu - Cheng Xu's Empress
  • Cecilla Boey as Xu Ming Er
  • Liu Chang De as Luo Ke Di
  • Ryan Zhang as Zhu Yun Wei
  • Leon Lai as Meng Tian



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