Movie Title: Beijing Guild Hall 北平会馆
Origin: China
Release Date: August 2020


The moon is black and the wind is high, and female ghosts haunt! Inside the Peking Guild Hall, one of the four major haunts in the capital, the phantom of the evil spirits is erratic, and when the mysterious erhu sounds, someone must be screamed and killed! The serial death register caused panic. Everyone who died in the hall will be recorded in the register. The unsolvable mystery hiding in the dark, the indestructible death curse, the terrifying erhu sound like a ghost grinding teeth and sucking blood, the missing corpse, the bizarre supernatural death, the desolate person Even, let the whole hall be filled with the breath of death. The mysterious appearance of a female forensic returnee and a horror writer who broke into the club regardless of life and death made things even more confusing. The creepy erhu sounds in the Peking Hall never stopped, and the weird and strange deaths continued...


  • Wu Dake
  • Zhu Ziyu
  • Liu Yitong
  • Gao Shangqi



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