Drama Title: Beauty From Heart 这个世界不看脸
Origin: China
Release Date: 2020
Episodes: 56


The story follows the lives of Tao Xiaoting and Tao Xiaodi who are twins  sisters. Tao Xiaodi the oldest was living in the big city , her little sister Xiaoting moved there to join her so the can both find a career. One prefers to forge ahead with hard work, while one wants to use her beauty to take shortcut in life. Their difference in mindset leads them to different paths. Eventually, the morally good sister influences her vain twin sister that beauty can only take you so far– beauty from the heart will prevail.



  • Edward Zhang as Lian Sheng
  • Janice Wu  as Tao Xiao Ting and Tao Xiao Di (before surgery)
  • Gai Cass as Tao Fei Er/ Tao Xiao Di (after surgery)
  • Alina Zhang as Yu Jia Jie
  • Wang Xin Qiao as Jiu Ying Shu


  • Zeng Meng Xue as Liu Zi Han



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