• Drama Title: Be Yourself 机智的上半场
  • Also Known As: Ji Zhi De Shang Ban Chang , The Witty First Half
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: 2021
  • Episodes: 24


The Witty First Half tells the story of several young women, their youth experiences and growth. The four young ladies are: Fan Xiao Yu who is rich, fair and beautiful. She is a legend of her school in addition to being intelligent. She tries to support herself after breaking free from her father's clutches. Finally understand that true freedom lies in love. Xia Lang Lang is the tomboy, stubborn and with strong logic thinking who learns to find and regain the girl inside. Huangfu Shu Min who has "Princess Disease" who loves to cry and act like a baby. She gradually learns to be independent. Yang Jia Qian the girl with an old soul who needs to face her true self after accidentally revealing her identity.


  • Shen Yue as Xia Langlang
  • Zhang Ruo Nan as Huang Fu Shu Min
  • Vivienne Tien as Fan Xiao Yu
  • Zhang Xin Yi as Yang Jia Qian
  • Liang Jing Kang aka Leon Leong is Fan Qing Zhou
  • Zhai Zi Lu as Zhou Yu
  • Ding Guan Sen as Lei Dong Qiang



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