• Drama Title: Barbarian Wife 小蛮妻
  • Origin: China
  • Episodes: 
  • Release Date: 2023


It mainly tells the story of Gu Xingchen, a small alchemist in Ge Guo, and her titular fake son Lu Li, who changed the fate of two countries through their efforts. Gu Xingchen, a small alchemist in Geguo Primary School, inexplicably became a so-called "single mother". She has a strong principle and is dedicated to making money and sending her "son" to a good school. Love has changed her principle of equal exchange in everything. Understand the selflessness of love, the original family is strong women and weak men, alienated from the stepfather relationship, because of the fetters with the fake son in ancient times, understand that family love is a bond rather than a blood relationship, repaired the relationship with stepfather, and Lu Li should cooperate with each other, change the fate of the two countries. Lu Li, Ge Guo competed for the world by force, but he was born in a family, but he promoted a country with a strong culture. He wanted to listen to the military force of war. He obviously had exquisite martial arts, but he was clumsy. Lian but always has some small accidents when confessing, because he is the only male in the family, he is extraordinarily macho, and export....



  • Lareina Song
  • Ren Hao



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