Drama Title: Bai Shou Bu Xiang Li 白首不相离
Origin: China
Episodes: 60
Release Date: 2021


At the time of the war between the North and the South, the government of the Great Ye Kingdom was controlled by Tai Hou Mi, who was born in Qianmi. The Qianmi clan has lived in seclusion in the paradise-like Qianmi sacred place for hundreds of years. Its blood can be used as medicine and the blood of the saint is even more precious. Therefore, the Qianmi clan became the target of hunting by the lords in troubled times. Qian Mi envoy Qin Sang visited the adopted daughter of Zhennan King Ji Xiaoli every month for 15 years and took pills to hide her identity. Because Ji Xiaoli was not only the saint of Qian Mi who Duan Mi was looking for, but also Qin. Sang's biological sister. Qin Sang designed Xiaoli to go to the school of Chen Yubai, the national teacher, and was blessed by the national teacher. Chen Yubai, who is committed to protecting the dynasty, has a lonely temperament, but when he gets along with Ji Xiaoli, he is melted by his innocence and kindness, and gradually becomes emotional.
  After all kinds of misunderstandings, Chen Yubai and Ji Xiaoli finally broke each other's affection, but at this time, Duan Mi discovered the identity of Xiaoli, and wanted to use the blood of a saint to realize her ambition to dominate the world. Qin Sang gave up his life to protect his sister, and his dream was broken. With the help of Chen Yubai, Xiaoli prevented a war between the two countries with the order of the saint, protecting the safety of the people, and the two finally achieved proper results.


  • Jiang Jin Fu
  • Lee Dong Gun



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