• Drama Title: Awakening Age 觉醒年代
  • Origin: China
  • Episodes: 32
  • Release Date: 2021


In September 1915, Chen Duxiu founded "New Youth" in Shanghai, raising the two banners of science and democracy, and the New Culture Movement began. Chen Yannian and Chen Qiaonian hate their father Chen Duxiu due to family reasons. The three of them have conflicts and stories. The Red Chamber at Peking University, Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao, Hu Shi, Lu Xun, and Cai Yuanpei used "New Youth" as a position to argue fiercely with the retro school Gu Hongming, Liu Shipei, and Huang Kan. The May 4th parade, the burning of Zhaojialou, the strike of the General League, the "Cai Movement", the arrest of Chen Duxiu, and the refusal to sign 21 articles are all intertwined and thrilling. In the baptism of blood and fire, the new cultural camp was fissioned. Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao, Chen Yannian, Chen Qiaonian, etc. went from separation to combination, and finally chose Marxism; Hu Shi and others, from combination to separation with Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao, moved towards full Westernization. "New Youth" disintegrated. In the age of awakening, great waves scoured the sands, Southern Chen and Northern Li met to establish a party. The dawn has begun and socialism will eventually become inevitable in China.


  • Yu Hewei
  • Zhang Tong
  • Zhang Guangbei
  • Zhang Sile
  • Zhou Xianxin
  • Zhu Gangqiyao
  • Bi Yanjun
  • Bell Jin
  • Mou Xing
  • Chris Mu
  • Ma Qiyue



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