Movie Title: Assassinate Yuwen Hu 刺杀宇文护
Origin: China
Release Date: May 31, 2020
Duration: 1 hr. 7 min.


A Jing was conned by villains to join the Black Flag Army and became an assassin, serving under the evil Yuwen Hu and committing heinous acts for him. However later, her family was killed by Yuwen Hu. By chance, she managed to escape and took on the identity as a foreign princess, marrying into the palace. She works together with Emperor Yuwen Yong, and his concubine Li Ezi (who refused to become a chess piece) to get rid of Yuwen Hu; returning peace to the country.

Main Cast:

  • Jeremy Jones Xu (徐正曦) as Yuwen Hu
  • Yu Xin Tong as A Jing
  • Marmalade Zhang as Li E Zi
  • Hanson Ying as Yuwen Yong



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